The PHP E-Learning Library has thousands of videos, podcasts, and downloadable content for disability support and information. Get info 24/7!

Are you applying for supplemental security income? Have you heard about IHSS and have no idea what it is? Is your loved one starting the complex transition to adulthood? Need to learn some self-care techniques? Want to download some important info to read later? Look no further than the PHP E-Learning Library!

You’ll find answers to all of these questions – and more – in the PHP E-Learning Library!

Watch videos on dozens of topics in the PHP E-Learning Library! Get up-to-date information about special education! Better understand the complex educational, legal, social service, and medical systems of care for your loved one of any age with any diagnosis.

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The majority of videos in the PHP E-Learning Library are created by US! There are also videos by other agencies and private parties that we think are top-notch!  We have previewed them all and believe each offers excellent, accurate information on a wide variety of topics.

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