Parents Helping Parents Strategic Goals

By June 2024, PHP will increase its local services to those most underserved in our region, build a disability advocacy network capable of reaching 100,000 families to improve the lives of those with disabilities, and will expand to establish itself as a hub for information for parents of transition-age youth and adults with disabilities in California and throughout the United States. These strategic goals will guide PHP from 2021 through 2024.

#1: Parents Helping Parents will transition to a post-pandemic world by significantly expanding local, statewide, and national services to families with loved ones with a disability. Special emphasis will be on online opportunities for those with digital literacy/access, and expansion of local offices and outreach to underserved communities.

2023 Status: Three neighborhood offices opened in underserved areas in East San Jose and Gilroy. Subscribers to PHP’s e-learning channel on YouTube nearly doubled. Total unique visitors to the PHP website now top 225,000 annually–that’s nearly a 1/4 of a million visitors!

#2: Parents Helping Parents will grow an advocacy program capable of reaching 100,000 people through parent center partners and social media networks to mobilize future parent leaders, create system change, and provide political power for families.

2023 Status: PHP advocacy efforts are making a difference. We are well on our way to reaching more than 100,000 families throughout California with our initiatives. A comprehensive, uniform strategy that identifies needs, designs interventions, coordinates with other parent agencies, and launches campaigns is established and resulting in successful efforts.

#3: Parents Helping Parents will lead the development of a statewide hub of information for all parents/caregivers of adults or young adults with disabilities, including a focus on person-centered transition and life plans.

2023 Status: PHP is the emerging leader for transition to adulthood services and programs. More than 20,000 people received support through Connections California programming. Content and marketing efforts are underway to reach 50,000 families each year; a very attainable goal.