Adult disability services and support at Parents Helping Parents is now called Connections California: Transition to Adulthood!

It’s never too early or too late to start exploring the many options available for the transition to adulthood! Connections California gives you access to essential adult disability services and support. Connections California is available for anyone with any diagnosis!

Connections California calendar of events

The transition to adulthood for people with disabilities can be overwhelming and complex! For both the individual and their families and allies!

Connections California: Transition to Adulthood is here to help!

If your child is as young as 12, you’ll find important information in Connections California. We want to help YOU create the smoothest transition to adulthood possible alongside your loved one!

Understand post-high school options! Learn how to become a self-advocate! Explore different housing options! Decide when to get started with the process! Become fluent in ALL of the adulting acronyms! Connect with other families also going through the transition to adulthood with their loved ones!

Connections California: Transition to Adulthood is for any person with any disability. Everything is organized into five main categories. The goal is to help you find the information you need easily for this complex and exciting life transition! Be sure to check out the PHP E-Learning Library which has a lot of videos about adult topics.

Connections California topics are:

Get more information on adult disability services and support from our E-Learning library. The PHP Resource Directory is another great reference for disability resources in the community. Subscribe to the PHP YouTube channel for even more!

Connections California: Transition to Adulthood is also available in Spanish and Vietnamese!