Families are at the heart of all Parents Helping Parents services.

Connect with PHP for guidance and support and become an advocate for yourself, your loved one, and your family! Learn about the transition to adulthood, community and family services, special education, assistive technology, mental health, and more. PHP staff speak many different languages, including English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

90% of PHP program staff are also parents of children with disabilities who shifted their career paths to help others. We understand.

How do I connect with PHP for guidance and support?

Call us at 408-727-5775 or email [email protected]. A “real person” often answers our phones, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. If we miss you, leave a message or try us again.

Parents of children with any developmental, learning, attention, health, or any other diagnosis or issues of concern can find a call to PHP helpful. Skilled staff will talk to you about your concerns and connect you with the most qualified person to speak with. All information shared with PHP is confidential. From school to health care, infancy to adulthood, we explore the many options available based on your family’s needs.

At Parents Helping Parents, you can receive 1:1 support, attend webinars, participate in support groups, learn anytime, anywhere in the PHP E-Learning Library, and more! We aim to help families identify and access the many complex systems of care for individuals of any age with any diagnosis. After working with Parents Helping Parents, we hope you will have renewed confidence and knowledge!