When you become a Mentor Parent, you play a key role in the life of another family. By being a good listener about a family’s goals and concerns, and sharing your knowledge and experience, another family can start to thrive!

As a Mentor Parent, your gift is your time, personal experience, and emotional support. You will provide 1:1 support to another parent/caregiver experiencing unique situations and feeling isolated. We will work hard to match you to a family with similar needs, geographic location, language, and more.

We are always in need of people with personal experience raising a loved one with a disability or any special need. Learning disabilities, ADHD, cancer, mental health, as well as intellectual and developmental delays are all diagnoses that need attention.

“New” and “veteran” families can always learn from one another about a new diagnosis, mid-journey difficulty or transition-age issues, or just be a shoulder to lean on during uncertain times.

Check out The Four Stages of Adaptation, an excerpt from “Nobody’s Perfect – Living and Growing with Children Who Have Special Needs” by Nancy Miller, Ph.D., MSW. It explains the different stages of “settling in” and acceptance when a family member has a disability.

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Watch this video training series by DGCkids for more information about the role of a Mentor Parent. The video series takes approximately 45 minutes total viewing time.

For more information or if you have questions about becoming a Mentor Parent, contact us