Have you heard the term Executive Functioning and wonder what it is?  Or wonder what can be done if you or your child has EF deficits?

Join Dr. Surina Basho, from Morrissey Compton Educational Center, as she discusses Executive Functioning (EF) for students with ADHD and other learning differences. The discussion includes:

  • What is Executive Functioning and how does it affect a person’s life experience?
  • What strategies are there for supporting someone with EF at home/at school?
  • Are there routines/home methodology that will help scaffold success or build EF skills?

Click here to download the handout for this training.

About Surina Basho, Ph.D. – Director of Research in Learning Differences, Executive Function Psychologist Dr. Basho has expertise in cognitive neuroscience, executive function, and learning differences. While earning her Ph.D. in Child Development from Tufts University, Dr. Basho worked with renowned executive function expert Dr. Lynn Meltzer, conducting neuropsychological assessments, individualized intervention for students, and research in the classroom. She also co-authored a chapter with Dr. Meltzer in the book, Executive Function in the Classroom: Fostering Strategic Mindsets across the Grades and Content Areas (2010). At Morrissey-Compton, Dr. Basho is currently building a research program around executive function and learning disabilities in children; providing one-on-one individualized educational therapy to students; training teachers and schools in how to integrate executive function into the classroom for all students; and providing educational talks to the parent community.

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This webinar is part of a collaboration between Parents Helping Parents and Morrissey Compton Educational Center to provide information to families whose children have (or are suspected of having) learning disabilities and/or ADHD.