Do you have concerns about your child’s academic progress?

Watch this video to learn about the process of evaluation and assessment for learning disabilities and ADHD. When to seek an evaluation can be confusing for parents. For some students, an evaluation is clearly warranted because their learning struggles are obvious, such as difficulty learning to read, spell, write, or understanding math or there is a positive family history of diagnosed learning challenges in siblings, parents, or extended family. For others, learning challenges are more subtle and sometimes students’ challenges are misinterpreted as motivational, lazy behaviors, or immaturity.

Learn about the evaluation process used to assess for a learning disability or ADHD in this 60-minute webinar co-sponsored by PHP and Morrissey Compton Educational Center.  The presenter is Dr. John Brentar, Ph.D, Executive Director at Morrissey Compton.

This webinar covers all aspects of the evaluation process from when an evaluation is warranted to what should be done once you have the results and provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the warning signs of learning challenges?
  2. When should I seek consultation with an educational or mental health professional about whether an evaluation is warranted?
  3. When is the best time to have my student evaluated?
  4. Who should perform the evaluation?
  5. How do I prepare my student for the evaluation?
  6. What happens during the evaluation, from intake to parent conference?
  7. What should you do with the results of the evaluation?
  8. Does my student ever need to be re-evaluated?

This webinar is a collaboration between Parents Helping Parents and Morrissey Compton Education Center to provide information about educational advocacy for learning disabilities and ADHD.