Do you have a concern about someone else’s child?

Teachers and daycare providers are often the first professionals who notice that a child may have a delay or a disability. Having a conversation with a family about this can be stressful for all involved.

Teachers and providers will be better able to support families and children when they are concerned about the child’s development if they understand their own emotional responses. There are many factors that influence perception about disability, special needs, and how best to address the needs of the child. Exploring and understanding what some of these factors may be can increase empathy and assist communication among providers and family members.

The event was funded by a generous grant from F5 Santa Clara county. It was a 2-part meeting with the second part being an unrecorded follow-up workshop.

About the presenter: Debbie Drennan, MSW Debbie has over 20 years of experience in the field. She is an AT Specialist, having received her Assistive Technology Certificate from the California State University of Northridge in 2000. She specializes in finding AT solutions for kids with disabilities 0-5 years, people with orthopedic impairments, individuals with attention and executive functioning concerns, and adults with developmental disabilities. She recently completed her training to become an Inclusion Facilitator this past Spring through Beginning Together. She became passionate about the potential assistive technology and inclusion can have for so many through her children, one of whom has Cerebral Palsy, and another who has ADHD and Sensory Processing disorder.